keep your lamps

As soon as school is over, they’re ready to play outside.


Dad was gone this morning.  Those are the times we have to be diligent.  Thankfully, and I can’t say thankfully enough, these days are few and far between.  There’s just this overall change that happens when Dad is not around, and it’s not the good kind. I’m slower at getting started in the morning.  I’m later getting the kids fed and being ready for school.

This homeschooling life wouldn’t be possible without Dad.  He is the one whose presence keeps us sitting up a little straighter and our heads held higher.  If the mother is the one who stretches and holds the family together, then I think the father is the one who holds the family up, whose strength keeps the entire structure from crumbling.

Today we did pretty good though.

We huddled up in the school room, covered in red, keeping watch through the eleventh hour.

And we saw the sun wink from behind the clouds.

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