on writing well

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When I first started writing, I had something to say.

there was steam to blow off and pain to let go.  there were feelings to sift through and thoughts to sort out.  there were memories to record.  there were days to number.

Things are different now.  I don’t have something to say anymore.  I recently wrote to a writer friend and told her I was wondering whether or not to stop writing altogether, not forever, but just for a while, to live some more life before saying anything else.

I’m feeling the need to lay low, keep my head down, and focus.  I don’t know if it’s the stage of life or motherhood I’m in or what.  I think it was Jim Elliot who wrote,”Wherever you are, be all there.”  This is what I want right now.  There’s nowhere else I want to be.

She told me one of the reasons she writes is to partake in The Great Conversation.  She didn’t put it in those capitalized terms, she just said conversation, but I think I understand what she means.  She said that for her, writing is a way of being a friend.

Her simple words put things in a totally new perspective for me.  I might not feel like I have something to say anymore, but writing has never been all about me, as much as I’ve fought against it, and as much as I’ve tried to keep it there.  Writing moves people.

I’m in a different place.  I reached out to people I didn’t even know, and people I didn’t even know reached out to me.  The comments, the likes, the contacts, they all meant something.  It wasn’t much, but it was all we had to offer.  It was everything we had.

It was something more to say.






3 thoughts on “on writing well

    • Yes, precisely! The listening is just as important, if not more important, than the actual speaking. You can’t have one without the other.

      I’m curious, what has kept you writing all these past few years?

      • GSHJ invites!

        When I first started writing I had a clear sense of dropping pebbles in a still pond. The words were between him and me. But after dropping the pebble (pressing publish) the ripples were his and another’s. The ripples were not mine.
        Each time I question whether to keep writing, that is the starting-ending point. There have been times when I got a bit enthusiastic and began to claim the ripples as mine (likes and comments and plaudits). He has a very simple of refocusing where he and I work best! 🙂
        And not having to own the ripples … ? That means only listening and words between me and him is my bit – and that is so liberating!
        Something else.
        It took a whole year between that first “sense” and the first real writing.

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