the road home


This morning I googled the words to one of the songs I play on my phone anytime I want to write.  I have a few songs like this, that seem to put me into a writing trance.  I don’t always understand what the words are saying.  Sometimes the song is sung in another language, and other times the voices blend together so well, all I hear is the music.

The Road Home
by Stephen Paulus

Tell me
where is the road
I can call my own
That I left, that I lost
So long ago?
All these years I have wandered
Oh when will I know
There’s a way, there’s a road
That will lead me home?

After wind, after rain
When the dark is done
As I wake from a dream
In the gold of day
Through the air there’s a calling
From far away
There’s a voice I can hear
That will lead me home.

Rise up, follow me
Come away, is the call
With the love in your heart
As the only song
There is no such beauty
As where you belong
Rise up, follow me
I will lead you home

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