path of totality

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Let me explain something.

I once had a six-year old son who was obsessed with outer space.  I bought him books about space.  My mother-in-law bought him books about space.  The school librarian cleaned out the library one time and gave him all the school’s old books about space.

One of his books had an eclipse calendar that laid out the world’s eclipse schedule for the next however many years. There was going to be a total eclipse visible in North American in August of 2017, the same year of the 5ooth anniversary of the Reformation.

Needless to say, I was a little excited. I’ve been waiting for this eclipse for almost seven years.  Everyone keeps telling me they’re staying inside, that they’re not going anywhere near it, that schools cancelled field trips at the last minute so kids don’t hurt their eyes.

To each his own.  The traffic is going to be horrendous, or so I’ve been told.  On the way home this afternoon (we had a lovely visit), the southbound interstate traffic was packed, not quite bumper to bumper.  They were still creeping along just enough to keep going.

We don’t want to be fools.  If the roads are too bad, fine.  If we can’t make it all the way down to our destination, maybe we can pull off on the side of the road.  I understand fear, I really do, so I’m not holding it against anyone. The eclipse isn’t everyone’s thing.

But people, come on.  Where are the lovers of hope and adventure?  Where is the chasing of beauty and sky?  Where is the sixth sense of power and wonder?  Where will you stand when the sun blinds the eye?  Is there anyone else who’s excited or cares?

I’m not giving up.  I can see them.

They’re all on the other side of the road.




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