close ups


This was the view of the sky during the total eclipse.  It wasn’t totally dark outside.   It looked like the evening sky, when the moon lights up and the stars just starting to come out.  Silhouette’s are some of my favorite kinds of pictures.  I love the contrasts of darkness and light, which is exactly what the sun and moon looked like.  To me it was another example of God’s inspiring glory, how movingly humble God is.  It was beautiful.

What wasn’t so beautiful was my rant from before we left, when I was frustrated with all the naysayers.  There was no need to worry about what everyone else was saying.  I wasn’t going with everyone else, I was going with my husband and children, and they were excited and glad to go.  My in-laws came too and were glad to get to see it. The traffic as bad as predicted, but we made it there and back, and had a beautiful day.




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