a longing fulfilled


Fall is in the air here, and I’m glad.  The boys and I went for a beautiful walk yesterday evening.  It takes me longer to move on from bigger events, so I strolled along behind them enjoying their playful and energetic boyhood, snapping pictures here and there, with my head in the clouds still thinking about the eclipse.

The boys wasted no time running up and down the hills, back and forth on the dam, out to the fishing dock to see if there was any new discarded fisherman’s garbage to discover.  One of my boys has been collecting random fishing pole parts in hopes of making his own pole, and yesterday, he finally found a reel.

We start school next week, and this morning, my husband woke the boys up early.  It’s time to get back into the morning routine.  We’re doing things slightly different this year.  We’re moving everything back a half-hour, so the plan is getting the kids up at 6:30 every morning.  They’ll build some strength and burn some energy.

Then they’ll have their chores, and something new, making breakfast.  Each child will have a day to make breakfast during the week.  They’ve already been cleaning up most of the meals during the week, so this will give them the added responsibility and experience in meal preparation as well.  We’ll start school at 8:30 instead of 9:00.

The morning shadows wave their signal on the walls.

7:01 AM they tell me–time to wrap things up.

Time for the next new beautiful thing.



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