the saga continues


It’s amazing how God sends us times of refreshment.  At the end of last school year, I was full of joy and totally beat.  From what I can tell by talking with teacher friends over the years, this is a common phenomenon, the feeling of Done by the time May rolls around.

And then, come September, something changes.  You’re ready to begin again.  You’re itching and excited to get back in the classroom.  The summer months were a wonderful time of rest and rejuvenation, with plenty of sunlight, water, and breaths of fresh air.

There seems to be a peaceful time of childhood, around the ages of 5-10 or so, where things get significantly easier in terms of the maintenance a child requires.  They can get themselves dressed, put their own shoes on, use the bathroom on their own.  It’s truly amazing, really.  The physically exhausting years had a secondary side effect–emotional exhaustion.  When the physically exhausting years have a chance to ease up, the emotional exhaustion also eases up, and you have a chance to rest for a minute.

As my children get older it is harder to talk about motherhood in specific ways.  There’s a reason for this.  When they are small, they are attached to you, to where you don’t know where little one ends and you begin.  To talk about your children and everything motherhood is to talk about your self and life.  As they get older, and more independent, they are not as attached, meaning they are becoming their own separate person.  It’s an incredible transformation that a mother gets to witness over the course of many years.

Stormy is the word I would use to describe it.  Homeschooling has come with so much joy and delight, quality time, and positive learning experiences.  It also comes with storms.  The storms would happen even if the kids were in school, they just wouldn’t be happening around me between the hours of 8-3.  The occasional stormy days or even the quickly moving storms feels like I’m racking up a significant amount of wear and tear.

Thankfully, just having the slightest warning or knowledge this was coming has helped tremendously.  Having being forced to fall flat on your face in the throne room of God out of failure and desperation during the little years has also helped.  God is faithful.  I’m learning to go to Him a lot quicker with my problems, because He has proven Himself not only as the God who sees, but the God who acts, a constant help in times of trouble.