scandinavian horses

Winter quickly is becoming my second favorite season.  While Christmas brings the ending to my all-time favorite summer, winter marks the onset of a love I cannot name.

It helps to have the snow.


I could talk about the weather for days if you wanted,

like the time when the hail took our little world by storm.

We called them ice marbles.

Don’t mind me, boys.

I’m just content to watch you play.


Basking in the sunlight of childhood.

still listening


sometimes my heart just needs a place to go
where I can lay it down completely bare.


I need to offer myself up to Something, to Someone.


Take my life and let it be

For You, my God, remembered me.


“For you shall be in covenant with the stones of the earth,
and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with you.”

~Job 5:23~