My sister is on a road trip with one of her girlfriends.

She’s keeping us updated with pictures and texts in our ongoing “sis chat”.  They’re traveling across the northern part of the country, from Minnesota, past Wyoming, all the way to the Pacific Ocean, a sight I one day hope to see for myself.

Is this not one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen?

I asked her if there was a name for that giant rock or if it’s just a giant rock.  She said it was Devil’s Tower.  Now that she mentions it, I am positive I’ve heard that before.

Speaking of rocks, I’ve spent the past month living under one.  Between reading, writing, and hardly having to cook any meals this summer (we get to eat in the dining hall!), my husband finally had to remind me there were other people still living in our home.

The boys have been busy playing with their Nerf guns.  I typically have never been a Nerf gun fan.  My husband got shot in the eye a couple years ago, and that was the legitimate reason I needed in order to say, “That is IT.  No more.”  The kids get to stay overnight with Grandma and Papa every Tuesday in the summers.  She keeps them through the next day, taking them shopping, to the park, to the bookstore, etc.  They came home one time with new Nerf guns, plus new bullets.  The boys were thrilled, since I had successfully managed to throw away all their old bullets over the years.

Last night the boys and I decided to take a road trip of our own.

Two cookies for them to share, and a Hazelnut coffee for me.

“Isn’t it beautiful, boys?”

Time for bed.

How many cats can you find in this picture?


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