sun, moon, and stars


There’s a mom blog I’ve followed for close to five years.  I don’t read blogs as regularly as I used to, but there are a handful of blogs I read and catch up on every so often when I think of them and have the chance.  The name of the blog was Biblical Homemaking, and the blogger was a homeschooling mom of seven kids.  Yesterday I looked her up and the blog no longer appeared at the web address.  All of her social media pages are gone.

The internet is a weird thing.  I’ve often wondered about the effects of blogging and social media on parenting and children.  There was an instance in the past  two years where one of my boys pulled up a video he’d taken on our Kindle.  He was playing with my youngest son, who was an infant crawling around on the floor.  In the background was me sitting cross-legged, Indian-style on the couch, typing away at the computer.

As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve had a LOT of time to spend with my children, and we have spent a ton of time together.  Time together, more than any secondary logistics or parenting philosophy, has been the driving force and reason for me not working while my children were little, and homeschooling now as they get bigger.  There’s something inside me instinctively aware that time together is something we won’t always have.

There are times when I wish for more time for personal interests.  I sometimes wish for more focused time to pursue other things.  I’d meet up with Tara at the Y every morning for a morning swim and exercise class.  I actually enjoy cleaning my house, the results that come after a nice, deep clean and decluttering day.  While I’m not a Type-A, I do enjoy the peace and beauty that comes from order, organization, and art.  Who doesn’t?

I said a prayer for that mom in the dark of the morning.  I hope she’s alright, that her family is okay.  She’s got teenagers, infant/toddlers, and everything in between.  I’ve read in other mom-blogs that teens and tots together is a crazy hard stage.  I am entering the stage of teens and pre-teens, but don’t have infants at home anymore.  I offer my “LOL!!!”‘s of solidarity to sisters, texting pictures of their toddlers digging through the trash.

“BOYS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”, I shout out the screen door–not in anger–to be heard.

It’s raining outside and the spigot is shooting water.

“WE’RE MAKING A HUGE FLOOD!”, they shout back with glee.

Of course they are.

If the Lord grants the years, I do believe there’ll be time for other things.  It’s just not going to happen this moment, right now.  You truly can’t do all you want to do at once, and in the grand, over-arching, time-changing scheme of life, you don’t have to.  Right now, I’m still coaching, still shouting down the stairway “WHO’S ON DISH DUTY?”, still getting up to snuggle in their pile of fuzzy blankets on this gentle, fall-like, summer rainy day.



One thought on “sun, moon, and stars

  1. I have also looked up other bloggers that I have not seen a post from in a while… it is strange how people seem to disappear from the internet, and yet I can understand why some choose to do it. Now that my girls are teenagers, I don’t write about them as much because I know they very much want their privacy and I respect that. I always enjoy reading your thoughts! Blessings to you 🙂

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