faith hill


This morning on vacation, before heading to the beach, I found myself watching Faith Hill and Tim McGraw interviews. It was one of those things where I’d run into her in the search feed on Instagram, and after looking through a few photos, I was intrigued.

It blew my mind a little when I saw how many followers she had. Faith Hill has 1 M followers. One million. Just to offer a comparison, President Donald Trump has about 9 million. Adele has 32 M. Katy Perry has almost 72 M. Taylor Swift has over 100 million.

When I was in high school, Faith Hill was big. “This Kiss” was on the radio constantly. I was never a fan of that particular song, but “It’s Your Love” was the theme for my Freshman high school homecoming dance. Somewhere in there was “Just To Hear You Say that You Love Me.”

“I’d walk across this world just to be…”

That line, right when they hit the word “walk” was so beautiful. I’d play that particular song line over and over, frustrated by the unique and beautiful harmonies, ones that as an alto in the choir, I could never quite figure out because the notes and the harmonies seemed to go up, not down.

Faith Hill was beautiful. With the possible exception of Catherine Zeta Jones, Faith Hill was the closest to goddess-like beauty I’d ever seen in a real-life woman. Her smile along with her powerful singing voice cemented her in my mind as someone who truly was the most beautiful woman in all the world.

It’s weird to see people who were famous when you were younger. I watched an interview from the height of her fame, just a year or two younger than I am now. Had Instagram been around back then, she would have the 100 M followers.

Her children are in college now. She and her husband recently traveled the world in their soul2soul tour. They did daytime and prime time interviews again. The two were still married after 21 years. They had also both recently turned 50.

She looked different.

I wish I could tell these women it’s okay. You don’t have to stay the person you once were, and you don’t have to try so hard to get back here. I’m not saying Faith Hill is doing this, but at fifty years old, it’s okay to not look like you’re thirty anymore.

Faith Hill has an amazing voice. I wish I could sit down and interview her myself. Tell me what it was like to be famous. What was it like to travel the world, to raise your girls with the man you love for life? What would you tell your 34-year old self?

Why do I have a feeling it somehow keeps coming back to those same little words?

“Enjoy it.”

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