fort wayne

I’ve never forgotten the beauty of this place.  I was content as a bug in a rug in St. Louis, when we lived on campus and could walk through “the woods”, but when I’d remember the seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when that time full with child we were there for a wedding, I’d think to myself, in a blink, on a whim

“Boy, it sure was beautiful there.”

It still is.  I was there for a conference and to visit a friend.  It’s been almost three years ago now when she moved, and we’ve seen each other a handful of times since then.  When she sent me the link to the large home small group retreat on “Mother Culture”, she thought this was just another one of our dreams, but it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go. So we planned a weekend and to Fort Wayne I went.

Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful time.

I just feel thankful and still and filled up.

And there go the jealous skies again.

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