special school days

The Christmas colors have begun to show up in the leaves.

We’re still at the start of November inside.

Uncle Glenn came over for breakfast this morning.  He’d taken a trip to Washington D.C. and wanted to come and show us his pictures. I like these excuses to have people over.  Autumn brings out my hospitality bug.  Something about the cooler weather and holiday decor makes me want to cook and gather with loved ones.

I told the boys to go outside and play with Tom while I was working.

I felt a little off-centered by the time of afternoon.  It was as if for about an hour, I lost all parts of my cognitive skill.  My thoughts were impaired and I didn’t know what it was I had to do next.  There were too many things and not enough capacity.

I didn’t lose my mind.  I didn’t lose my temper.  I just lost my sense of direction for a moment.  I gathered up clothes and started some laundry.  The kids cleaned the kitchen and went outside again to play. I took a walk down the road and I cried on the phone.  I went back inside again.  I printed off the sheets for practicing piano.

We didn’t do our New England state study today.

Nobody did math.

I didn’t read to the boys.

But yesterday we did.

I know today will count for something.

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