on the road

I made my plans and the Lord already made a hard, fast shift.

“Whoa, where’re you going?”

Frustrated, hurt, and a little despondent, “Well, Lord, I thought I was going with you?

Apparently, I think, my plans were too earthly.

I want, in living life, a world of earthly pleasures.  I do, in fact, have abundant earthly joys, but what I find in the midst of life is sorrow after sorrow after sorrow after sorrow.

Though I have felt it many times, I haven’t wanted to long for Heaven.

There was always a part of me that thought to long for Heaven was just way of telling God you simply weren’t happy with the life that He had given.  There was an honest, desperate, crying out to God in it, and a hopeless, resentful, ungratefulness in it.

If I’m longing for Heaven, Lord, doesn’t that mean I’m unhappy with You?

Could it also just mean that, “Lord, I truly am grateful for the pleasures I have here, but I am also truly thankful for the world without sorrows, that is mine now, by faith.”

What is another year of life, but yet another year to look, to God and then to finally say,

“In You I find my highest Joy.”


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