easing back in

January is the month where my desire for the peaceful and quiet winter rhythm begs collaboration with my need to get back into the swing of everyday life.  There’s a needed transition coming out of Christmas break, and as we start back into school, I’m reminded again that this is the time of year that simultaneously needs work, but cannot be forced.

The kids and I spent the morning cleaning up the little boys’ bedroom.  It needed a good purging and clothes overhaul.  My plan for now is to spend the morning working on a cleaning project, break for lunch, then spend the afternoon hours on school.  When everything’s done, they have free time til supper.  I don’t know yet if this is a long-term plan, or more of a short-term strategy to address the areas of the house that have been more neglected through the business of the holidays.  I’m eager to see how it goes.

I feel the need to follow up on the book Brave New World, since I mentioned I had started reading it a few posts ago.  If it had been a good book, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to say something, but since I found it quite disturbing and non-enjoyable, I thought I would pass the information along.  About half-way through, my gut-instinct was to put the book down and start reading something “good, true, and beautiful” instead.  Then I thought, “Well, maybe I just need to push through and finish.”  I wish I hadn’t.

Sometimes it’s okay NOT to finish something!  I think it’s good for us mothers to be reminded that sometimes the adjustment we need to be making isn’t failure–it’s wisdom!  One of the most mind blowing things that was said to me in 2018 was when we had company over for supper, and I was taste-testing the vegetables I was attempting to roast.  “I think they need more salt or something”, I said.  Tara looked at the vegetables, shrugged her shoulders, and in her cheery, unassuming sort of way said, “Trust your instincts!”

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