once far off


“For He Himself is our peace…”
~Ephesians 2:14~

It’s amazing the sense of accomplishment I feel when I’m able to complete a special task for the day.  The first day we cleaned the little boys’ room.  Every time since, when I walk past their room on the way into mine, I feel happy, satisfied, at peace, and accomplished.

Yesterday before school we took the ornaments off the Christmas tree and packed them away.  This task didn’t take quite as long as the first, but even so, throughout the day, I lived with the satisfaction that something had been done.  I even cleaned my own room.

It’s strange to me the way we measure accomplishment.  Three meals throughout the day, an afternoon of school, all the human interactions from morning til bed, those very much accomplish something, but they don’t usually generate “accomplishment” feelings.

I know you can’t base your life on these feelings, nor can you spend your days chasing accomplishment.  Today is our piano/library morning, and we have outside commitments planned for later in the day.  A project will not get “accomplished” today.

But in the spirit of being “mindful”, I wish to stop and pause, before the spirit of all the un-accomplishment gets to me. Today is a beautiful day like no other, whatever non-accomplishment or feelings it may bring. The fact that I get to go live it brings me joy.


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