teacups and kettles

Today we tackled the backdoor pantry.  In between my husband’s personal office and our family’s cozier dining room table space is a small section of the house that tends to fill up with boxes rather quickly.  It’s the corridor where cardboard goes to be burned.


It had also been the storage place of all my old paint cans.  My experiences with painting are rather embarrassing, and I do not wish at this time to go into it. As my “mindful” new year ticks on through the days, I decided the paint scenario was worth a quick Google. It suggested stirring in cat liter to soak up any paint that remained in the can.  I didn’t want to use all our litter on paint, so I set them outside to see if the sun would dry them out.


For the paint I wanted to keep, I made a collection in the mud room.  By the end of the day, my goal is to get this paint downstairs into storage, neatly stacked on one of the shelves.  We can now see the floor of our backdoor pantry, and while it’s nowhere near as beautiful as a Joanna Gaines magazine, I am proud of the work we accomplished.


We still had to time to do school in the morning.  The littlest one never made it to the table, but Lego towers counted as Kindergarten today.  The boys burned boxes in the late afternoon, while I took a moment to write this down.  The oven preheats in the hopes of making cookies, and the kids are looking forward to A Christmas Carol later. We checked the movie out of the library, and are currently in the middle of reading it together. This was something I had wanted to do over Christmas, but Epiphany became soon enough.

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