parsley, sage, rosemary


One of the reasons cooking has been such a stumbling block for me is because I get overwhelmed by the expectation that I’m supposed to be entertaining my family.  Novelty, variety, and dodging people’s picky palettes is not to be my guiding force.

Food is a gift from the earth–from the earth’s Creator–and a gift that our culture enjoys in abundance.  I want to enjoy this gift as well, but sometimes what I concoct as my primary cook job requirements get in the way.  I enjoy cooking so much more when I put some thought and effort into it, when I am free to bring heart and soul and desire into it.

I started a sourdough starter today.  It’s merely an experiment to see if it works, but if it does, I want to then see if I can actually learn to make daily bread from it.  I, too, immediately start thinking of Against All Grain and years of things I’ve read against flour and white bread.  What did they use in the Bible to make bread?  Somehow, someway, there has got to be a version of bread that can peacefully co-exist with man’s stomach.

Bread is known as comfort food.  It’s one of those foods that makes everything right with the world and a meal.  You could eat bread every day and I do not think we would ever get tired of it.  Bread is one of those pleasures in life that says to me God truly desires for mankind to enjoy life.  There’s more to life than simply being sanctified in suffering.

Seven months out of the year here it’s too cold to swim.  These are the times I not only delight in warming foods, but desire to serve them to also warm others.  Children are not fond of the appearance of lentils, but the more I offer these warming soups and foods, the more I think they’re beginning to accept them.  I could seriously get used to this.

Instead of coming up with something new every day, I’m wanting cooking to be more of an experience where meals revolve around everyday staples.  Rice is what I’m wanting to incorporate more of, along with experimenting with fresh herbs and spices. I’m wanting less excess cultural influencing on what to eat and more trusting my instincts.




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