nothing to prove

Something in starter didn’t smell right to me.

The directions told me that by day three or four, the starter might be giving off a sour or “pungent” odor.  I didn’t know exactly what pungent meant, but the smell coming from the mason jar seemed to match the word exactly.  The bubbles were forming, the consistency had gone from a thick dough-ball into a bubbly batter-like form.

I wish not to bore you this day with ardent details of beginner sourdough bread-making.  However, I feel as though I have started a story, with each of these blog posts leading into another.  Overnight, between the fourth and fifth day, a brownish liquid appeared at the top of the batter.  The smell was also especially pungent.  I dumped half of it out.

Then I added another 4 oz of flour and 4 oz of water, covered the jar with a cloth, and set it again toward the back of my stove.  These past several days the pungent smell has disappeared and in its place has come a gentler, soothing, bread-like yeast smell.  There are more bubbles this time than there were before, and it looks, I think, like it should.

The garlic rosemary sourdough bread, at this point, is still a picture in my book.  Who, truly, has time for this?  This time, or lack of it, is the number one reason I have yet to start kneading.  The jar stands now representing every dream and intention just waiting to be acted upon.  As long as he sits, untouched, untried, I cannot say I passed him by.

The jar calls, still, and will not be ignored.



2 thoughts on “nothing to prove

    • That’s hilarious, and yet, totally sounds like Chris! For some reason I thought he’d done this before, but maybe he had only mentioned it in passing. I’ll have to have him send me a picture of his.
      p.s. I appreciated your video of the soap scarf transferring 😊

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