to be continued

An eerie sadness descends every night before sleep.  Little by little, they–the moments–are slipping away.  If not sadness, then fear.  What, if not death, will my tomorrow hold?

It’s in the early sleeping hours, anywhere between lights out and midnight.  Does someone follow me around to haunt me the second my head hits the pillow?  I tell my husband I’m losing them, that their childhood is now another day gone.  He reminds me of his life, how he is now grown, and yet, still loves his mother.  I am comforted by this, by the truth a grand love doesn’t have to be lost.  All of us were together this evening, and indeed, I see how true his mother still loves him.  Grandparents are an incredible gift.

I baked my first edible brick this weekend.

Just kidding.

The bread was good. I look forward to baking more and experimenting with different recipes.  I think the biggest thing is going to be keeping up with my starter.  It isn’t high maintenance, but you can’t just leave it on the counter and forget about it either.

Today was more of a pondering day.  The Wednesday night church thing we go to has several different classes to choose from and attend.  I chose the class that was talking of addictions.  Each week they’ve focused on a different addiction–food/body image, electronics, drugs & alcohol, and the last one this week is supposed to be on control.

Our group leader wonders if addiction is actually something that every person struggles with. This had been making me scratch my head a bit, wondering, if we all had one or even several addictions, what my particular addiction was.

Food for thought:

What is that thing you can’t stop doing?

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