the eternal snows


Today was a snow day for much of the area, but we went ahead and had school this morning.  The kids might see it with a different perspective, but for me, homeschooling is one long perpetual snow day.  We get to stay home and stay warm and I love it.

Last week I had the idea to make a “snow” dish by making it out of anything white I could find. I cooked onion, garlic, apples, cauliflower, potatoes, and rice in one pan. Since I’ve grown up hearing things like, “Eat the Rainbow”, I wondered where the white foods fell on the healthy food spectrum.  I don’t fully understand the way light works, but I know from things I’ve read that white is something like a reflection of all the colors.

Then just today as I was making lunch, simultaneously listening to a Dr. Axe video on viruses, he mentioned that in ancient Chinese medicine, the Chinese believed white foods nourished the human immune system.  They thought the design of the food served as a clue to what part of the body it helped.  I thought about my “snow” white dish from the previous week, which ended up more of an orange after I sprinkled it with tumeric.

Then it all made total sense.

White blood cells!

I’ve been reading portions of the Lewis and Clark journal entries quoted in the book “Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West.”  Upon Lewis’s return from his great expedition, he wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson in which the words “eternal snows” were used to describe a portion of mountain that had been impassable without the help of Indian guides.  I’m using them here to describe those vivid moments you feel you could wildly be thankful for forever.




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