it’s a boy!

My sister texted me this morning, “You’re officially out of the little years!” She’d known it was my youngest son’s birthday today, but couldn’t remember if he was six or five.  I told her not to worry, that I’d apparently had the same problem myself, having bought a five instead of a six.

And so it was.  Another humbling, humorous, motherhood moment, and I, in its midst, set the number aside.  The littlest one didn’t notice–and yes, to me, he is still little, but changing, and growing.  I understood what she meant through, on being officially out of the little years.

And so it is!


I’m not sure how to express laughter in words.


or gratitude, and love, or happy tears, or amazement







3 thoughts on “it’s a boy!

  1. ❤ love your writing and your beautiful soul. Congrats on this milestone. Happy birthday to you and your “baby”.

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