on walking again

There was a warmth in the afternoon air yesterday.  You needed a coat, and gloves, and a scarf, but those additions were sufficient, and the cold was not cold enough to reach your skin through your clothes.  It was warm enough, however, to slowly melt the snows.

I’ve been telling myself I would get to moving more once the warm weather comes. December, January, and February have passed, and the first day of Lent seemed good enough as any to do at least one of the things that tends to go missing in the winter.

It’s the weather, I’m sure. Two days now I have cried for no reason.  Too many aspects of life are not ideal.  Not enough sun.  Not enough movement.  Not enough friendship and human interaction.

There isn’t the loneliness here that there used to be there.  What it is, instead, is an abundance of solitude.  It’s any reader’s, and writer’s, any introvert’s dream world.  I’m trying just to “own” this blessed and peculiar passing season of life, to use the time wisely for myself and my family, and to let the time have it’s needed impact on my being.

I keep hoping that these decades of homemaking will make me into somebody different. I want to come away with useful skills and ways to serve the greater good.  A month ago I started working (very) part-time as a cook. Camp was short on help, and when my husband suggested I consider it, I was simultaneously amused (Ha!!!) and intrigued.

You know what I’ve discovered???  In fifteen years of feeding a family–I’ve learned some things!  I know how to grocery shop, I know how to make soup, I know how to make a bread basket look pretty with a colored cloth napkin.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day to prepare and cooking breakfast for other people is something I LOVE doing.

It’s snowing again today and it’s good to be home.  March snow is not the same December snow.  While one is the promise of goodness to come, the other is a signal to keep keeping on. It’s not that I want winter to leave–I love snow–it’s just that I’m ready to feel the sun shine again, to get some natural outdoor exercise, and to get started on my herb garden.

2 thoughts on “on walking again

  1. In ten years time I never thought of you being lonely. I wish I had known then what I know now. I would’ve done my best to change that or at least try to ease it. Sending love and hugs!

    • You did ease it Carol! Even now, your present love and hugs work backwards in time. Hoyleton has it’s difficulties, but when I think back on our time there, my memories are mostly fond! I will always love Hoyleton, our time there, and the people there!

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