I am thine

New religions are popping up everywhere.  The religions I tend to pay the closest amount of attention to these days are the ones having to do with the ongoing cultural “battle of the sexes”.  I would also call it “human sexuality”, except the moderator of a Facebook group I used to be in had a strong dislike and even intellectual reasons against using the word “sexuality”.  I don’t remember what those reasons were, but ever since then I shy away from the word.  You’ve got to learn the language of the people you’re speaking with, and certain words notoriously lack concrete, easily definable meanings.  Masculinity.  Femininity.  The evolution of Feminism.  The rise of Red Pill Manosphere.

I do not know where this special interest comes from.  I’ve heard the men who talk about these things say how they came into adulthood “fatherless”, in the sense that they grew up without masculine examples, particularly from their own father.  I’ve heard my dad say similar things, but by then, he would also say, that over time, he grew to possess a deep compassion for his father, knowing that his dad, too, suffered the same lack.

Is fatherlessness a cultural thing or does it go deeper into a human thing?  Separation from God has made us all fatherless.  We all are children missing a home.  The truths we must so painfully come to accept, the truths seeming so much in conflict with each other, is that fatherlessness is not our fault, and yet, our fatherlessness is completely our fault.
Christianity is the religion I claim.

Christian is the identity that shapes my life purpose.

Christ is the person who tells me who I am.

Christ is who tells me I am loved and forgiven.  He is the person who shows me the Father.  In Christ none of us are fatherless or motherless or illegitimate children missing a home.  The Christian identity I find most comforting, most exhilarating, most mind-blowing and freeing is the identity of “child”.  I am God’s child and He cares for me!!!

I speak as a woman. I do not want to be bitter and angry towards men, nor do I want men bitter and angry towards me. I want to live in a world where all men are my brothers and all women my sisters.  I want to live in a world, yes, where we are free to live fully male and fully female, but even more than that, where we are free to live as we are made to be as Christian lovers. There is no fear in love.  No distrust.  No betrayal.

The truest of wisdom is the wisdom that ages well.  By all means, let the men lift weights and the women wear lip gloss.  I like painting my nails and wearing headbands in my hair.  I like being a wife and I like being a mother.  There are limits that come with these roles, but they’re less like limits and more like the those two side-bumpers in the kids’ part of the bowling alley.  They keep me on my toes and keep the ball ever rolling toward the end of the lane where I’m guaranteed to knock down pins and even send some flying.







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