Aslan’s high country

The past several years have been ones of accepting what is and moving on with my life.  I’m tired of fighting against what life has to offer.  Last fall when I was attempting to run for a meager two miles, I thought to myself, “You know what it is?  You know why I’m miserable running like this?  It’s because I’m tired of doing hard things alone.”

I get the feeling that the word “self-help” is kind of frowned upon in Christian language.  I understand.  It’s because when it comes to our salvation there was nothing we could do to help ourselves.  We were completely dependent on God to act on our behalf.

But living on earth, life has been an experience of realizing that nobody else is here to do my job for me or with me.  There are no other wives around here to be a wife with. There are no other mothers around here to be a mother with and teach my kids with.

I’m talking about “the daily grind”.  I’ve thought to myself, “Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by siblings and people.  We detassled together, walked to school together, rode the school bus together, survived and adapted through childhood together. ”

God is growing me up by myself.  Things like self-discipline, self-command, self-dependence are attributes I can no longer can fight or lack.  I am responsible for my own life and I am being forced to change for the better no matter how painful or lonely it is.

This, friends, is actually really good news.  We do not need to fear the changes God has for us.  We simply need to watch and be amazed at the ways His perfect will is working out in our lives.  His perfect will has always been the work of reconciling all of the world unto Himself, knowing only in Christ alone could we come to a knowledge of the Truth.


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