asian honey suckle

In the few minutes before piano lessons began, the teacher and I exchanged pleasantries. Life had happened here and there for her and for me and three weeks had passed since we’d had piano lessons.  I asked her how her appointment had gone. “Great!”, she said, feeling much, much better than she’d been feeling a week ago.  She asked me how I was doing and if anything was new with me.  “Good!”, I replied, and then, “Uhhhh”, trying to think if there was anything else to add, “The grass is getting greener by the hour!”

I wasn’t that excited about that greening of the grass, but at the time, it was the only thing I could think of to say. This isn’t the first time someone has asked me questions about how we’re doing or what’s been going on and my answers tend to be, even when said warmly, rather blank and simple.  “Oh, I don’t know…that’s a good question…just life I guess.” Yesterday it made me wonder if so many years of private-at-home living hasn’t somehow stunted my social growth or caused my conversation muscles to atrophy.

The grass truly is getting greener by the hour.  In spring grass gives off a neon glow that it doesn’t possess in the deeper greens of summer.  The other day I gave up once more on trying to establish anything other than the acceptable “just life” order and condition of the house, and went outside to see what I could find to do out there.  I raked some leaves and the older boys helped me clear away some of the weedy brush that grows in every inch of the woods.  I considered dedicating the entire spring to clearing out that hill.

It’s grey and damp again this morning, although my weather app says it’s supposed to get into the seventies today and the wind is supposed to pick up later this afternoon.  Last night, before bed, the little boys asked if we could have a pajama day for school this morning.  I said, “Sure.” Pretty soon we’ll put away the flannel Batman pajamas and they’ll sleeping and running around in their shorts.  I’ve got my “Thursday” notes here beside me and the next thing is breakfast.  Pancakes and fried apples coming right up.



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