simon’s lament

(Simon is a character in Singrid Undset’s novel, Kristin Lavrensdatter.  This is a remarkable book and I find myself thinking about it often as I read along. Toward the end of book two, I was struck by Simon’s plight.  There might be spoilers in here.)

You went away to the convent
promised to me
and in one year’s time
You came back to me

I found you with him,
Worthless Scoundrel of a Man!
having loosened his belt,
tasted your lips
and spit in my face

What he had was mine
and what was it in him!
Never once had I stolen!
But there were your shoes
hiding under his bed

Take him and go!
Your sister will have me
Your father will forgive

Because I love you
I’ll keep hidden your feelings
and bury mine forever

Wait, and you’ll see
Why can’t you see
and can’t you see it even now!

My love for you remains
for endings like ours
are never truly over


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