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There hasn’t been a lot of time to write this week. In the past several days I’ve accumulated nearly 30 hours of paid work in the camp kitchen. I’m not gonna lie, it feels good to earn some money.  Part of my paycheck will go toward paying my older children who helped me. I totally believe in a helping hand without charge, but I also believe in showing tangible appreciation.  They worked hard for me and I’m paying them for it.

I say this about showing tangible appreciation, and yet, I am one of the worst people when it comes to observing the national appreciation holidays.  If no one gets me a Mother’s Day card, that’s fine, I wouldn’t have even known or remembered it was Mother’s Day. But that also means I’m not going to be the one to think about buying or sending a card.  The way things go, I usually get several surprise cards and gifts.

So last year I called my mom and grandma, and bought flowers for my other mom and grandmas close by.  Lord willing I’ll try to do the same again tomorrow.  We’ve got church, then dinner out, and then supper at my husband’s aunt’s house. Whatever your plans are for Mother’s Day, friends, I hope you find someone to appreciate this year.





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