day at home

It’s a coffee and afternoon blogging kind of day.  The kids are spending the day with Grandma and that gave me extra time get some work done in the house.  There was laundry to be done as well as areas that needed sweeping, mopping, and tidying up.

When you’re needing to make choices on how to spend your time, once you’ve finally made your decision, I think it’s important to put the other options out of your mind.  I could’ve gone to the Y and swam, or gone to Goodwill and looked around, or gone to Ross and attempted to find some shorts and church clothes for summer.  I could’ve organized the laundry room or done a mass purging in the boys’ room.  I could’ve started painting the schoolroom hallway or kept working on scraping the carpet glue off of the steps.

I’ve been trying to visualize my next direction with the schoolroom.  Each year I try to rearrange, get rid of what we didn’t use, and add a little something here and there to make it different.  In another week or so, my grandma’s guest room furniture is going to be arriving at our house and I’m hoping to find a place in the school room for it.  There’s so much space down there, I’d like to be able to utilize it more for guests while also keeping those special areas that look like they were made especially for children.

a place that says, “children live here”

and I’m so happy they do.

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