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Last year I waited too long to get going.  June flew by, July 1st is here, and that means school will be here before I know it.  Things will be different this year with my oldest entering high school. We had some seriously incredible homeschool years together.

The timing feels right in sending him off.  I think he’s ready for something more than I can offer.   I look at the class schedule and think, “Ok , but what out of any of this prepares you for life?”, but there’s more to school than academics.  School is community.

My main preparations are beginning with the house.  I spent my down-times of May and June sorting out my bedroom.  It’s finally clean to a point where I am happy.  I walk in and see peace, calm, space, and satisfaction. It’s time to be done with the messes in there.

My next task is to tackle the boys room again. I haven’t “hit it hard” since the mass cleaning after Christmas, and it just seems to be the reality that the kids’ rooms need a good thorough purging twice a year.  I can’t be the one keeping on top of it for them, but if I can get them to a place where things are easier to maintain, it’s extremely helpful and the time is well spent.

My house seems to be a constant source of low-grade stress. That being said, I love being a homemaker. So much of this we’ve had to figure out on our own, and looking back on the years, I am thankful for the ways God keeps providing, sustaining, and inspiring.  He’s always there providing us with fresh hope, a well-timed encouragement,  new seasons that come with a new set of sure and certain joys.







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