bonus hours

The boys’ room went faster than I expected it to.  I took advantage of some sleepless, early morning hours and one garbage bag, two goodwill bags, and two focused hours later, the room returned to maintainable levels.  Next I plan to tackle the linen closet, which shouldn’t need more than a rearranging of blankets and straightening towels.

Sometimes I get sidetracked by the lack of uniformity or beauty in my home.  The Pier 1’s of the world have a way of attracting me into thinking I can’t be happy unless I have that rug, or those pillows, or this perfectly beautiful table and chairs.  The boys’ room could use a fresh coat of paint, a plant, and a wall-hanging, but everything they need is there.

I think we’re the happiest when we’re content with what we have.  In contentment the focus is on our abundance, and the lacks, instead of losses, become more like dreams. Someday I’ll paint the wall again. Someday I’ll find the perfect plant.  But if tomorrow never comes, and the somedays never happen, today I have peace in the joy of what is.




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