tired, but good

The summer heat is kicking in.  It still isn’t “bad”, but the unusually mild June days have now passed.  The woods are thick with brush and mosquitoes, and the backyard needs weeded badly. I’m busy though, with camp, with kids, and with working inside.

This morning I drove to Menards before the kids got up to take advantage of their 4th of July flooring sale.  The laminate I’ve had my heart set on ever since I tore out the living room and upstairs hallway carpet.  The next thing is to get on the carpenter’s schedule.

Today is the end of a much needed camp break.  Each of my kids have taken turns being sick, I think, in part, to getting worn out from being at camp so much.  One or two are gone every week and tonight I am going to camp with my littlest for parent/child camp.

My husband and I try to stay connected as well. We started watching Gone With the Wind and made it through three of the four hours so far. He’s been helping me with the handyman parts of my projects and yesterday we cleaned out the entryway coat closet.

More pics hopefully coming soon.


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