the amish cook

There’s either work to be done or rest to be had, and it’s safe to say I’m going to be relieved when summer is over.  My body can’t seem to shake the fatigue.  This week is Night Owl camp where my two oldest kids are.  I volunteered to be the one in charge of their meals, partly for the happy peek of seeing my children, and partly because I felt obligated because I live here.  It’s been fun, but as always, more fooding and dishes.

My latest library find is The Amish Cook’s Anniversary Book.  It contains diary-like entries that were originally part of a newspaper column.   The writing is simple, with regular themes of weather, cooking, company, and cleaning.  The woman talks often about preparing food for family gatherings.  I can’t believe the amount of food these women cooked.  The woman’s homeland was the kitchen, the garden, and the clothesline.

They didn’t write much about children, which surprised me.  Maybe they got it all out baking pies?  There’re references to newborn jaundice, a fevering infant, toddler mischief, and fixing breakfast for children getting ready for school. Clothes on the line meant a stiffening pile stacked high to be ironed.  One made a remark about coffee and donuts being hard on the waistline.  Even the Amish women cared about their looks.

I can’t seem to want the veggies.  Given the choice between sliced cucumber and leftover chicken strips, I grap the cold, leftover chicken every time.  It’s the carbs that I love.  The fresh toast sticks.  Biscuits and gravy.  Pancakes and bowls of rice chex.  I can easily refuse the rolls and the pasta, but breakfast carbs are the ones I can’t seem to give up. Several times a summer I start to feel nostalgic for an Oscar Meyer bologna sandwich.

We’re cancelling our Y membership and I’ve taking up walking.  No one is going enough to justify paying the money, and with high school tuition soon coming up, we’re needing to be more mindful of our money.  I found an app on my phone that actually gets me to move more, and I’ve been having fun keeping track of my steps. One of the counselors gets 20,000+ steps a day without trying. She motivated me to aim for 10,000.





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