inspired to change

Working in the kitchen has motivated me to make some changes at home. My nearly 16-years experience in grocery shopping for a family helped me to know of ways camp could save money.  On the other hand, you definitely pay for convenience, and sometimes convenience is well worth paying for.  It all depends on what you’re after.

I’m always so torn when it comes to food.  I love the nostalgia that comes with the bite of a bologna sandwich, but while bologna sandwiches were fine for me as a kid, they aren’t so fine for the older, more food-conscious, more fat-storing me.  I want to feed my kids good old fashioned American kid food, but I also want them to develop healthy habits.

After a rougher morning of feeling lost I searched my podcast app for “Moms at home”.  I tried one or two episodes of several podcasts and couldn’t get into anything I listened to.  My husband asked what it was I was hoping to find and I said, “Something that speaks to my life and meets me where I’m at.”  He suggested I search for something other than mom stuff that would intellectually stimulate my mind.  What  am I interested in?

Nutrition. Essential oils. Hormone balance. Women’s health.

I cleaned out my fridge and got rid of old food.  I threw away the salad dressings, fuzzy leftovers, and three bags of biscuit dough I tried to salvage from the thawing deep freeze.  Reading about the realities of starvation this past winter changed the way I think about food.  I do not like to throw food away.  My teenager could eat it.  In a zombie apocalypse I would wish I had that dough.  People starve in other parts of the world.

I’m not turning into a social justice foodie.  I do, however, want to lose some inches off my waist.  It’s not the most important thing, but if it is going to happen it will only come with change. I’d also like to radically trim down our food budget.  We don’t have a budget, but I know what I spend. I could pay for most of our son’s tuition in what I save.

There never seems a good time to start a new thing.  I was thinking $100 a week on food, and $100 a month for special extras.  There would obviously be start-up costs involved.  I’ve been eyeing the 50-lb bag of Sam’s rice for a while now. I still have a 5-gallon bucket of wheat berries stored in my pantry.  A little bit of certain foods can go a long way.




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