little by little


The entryway is closer to done.  In the shipment of my grandmother’s stuff came a blue bench she kept near her front door entryway.  It isn’t the color of bench I would choose, but part of my decorating style is trying to incorporate family pieces into the home.


I’ve also been trying to incorporate more photos.  I’ve got about ten years worth of family albums, but since I began blogging, the physical copies of photos are non-existent.  I bought some simple frames and have started printing more pictures from the past six years.  It’s amazing how fresh those memories still are, and yet, seeing as well how much the kids have grown.  I choose photos that bring back the happiest memories.

Today I tackled the front half of the laundry room.  I scrubbed the grime off the top and inside of the washing machine, gave the floor a good sweeping, through away a ton of trash, scrubbed the sink I barely use, mopped the floor, and spread out the new carpet.


The entryway, the laundry room, the downstairs bathroom, the mudroom, and soon the front of the house are what I call the “special spots”.  Each child has their special spot to take care of and, ideally, we rotate every week on who is responsible for keeping up with the cleanliness, smell, and appearance of each location.  This actually works pretty well, but in the summer all systems of chores, besides the cat ones, fall away for a time.





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