more thoughts

I’m going through a phase of intense nesting.  People tend to think of nesting in the final weeks of pregnancy, when you’re washing the clothes, packing your hospital bag, arranging the board books, and cleaning out closets.  I remember the first time I ever read Guess How Much I Love You when the very last line truly took away my breath.

I want everything perfect and everything done.  It doesn’t happen that way, but the desire still roams and courses inside me.  I’m waiting on the floor guy to call us back and set up a time to install the purchased laminate.  I feel like I’ve been pretty patient, and I’m looking forward to finally being able to use the Norwex dry-mop I got for Christmas.

In the back of my mind is my oldest starting high school.  I sometimes wonder why the processing happens the most with my oldest.  I notice the mom-changes most with him. I don’t think our relationship is any better or worse because of it, but maybe there’s  just something that continues through life with the first born child paving the way.







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