books and things


The living room is bare besides the piano and the couch.  The floor guy said he could come on Monday.  We’ll be gone then, traveling down to Florida to visit my grandparents, and these days leading up to our ensuring departure have been a wearying blur of all things normal.  Feeding the family, clearing out living rooms, the looming monster of packing our bags.  I want all the bathrooms and bedrooms to be clean before we go.

None of these things are as big as I’m making them.  There’s a scene in one of the Star Wars movies where Luke, Princess Leia, and Han Solo and trapped in a garbage compactor on the Death Star.  The walls begin closing in on them and everyone does what they can to brace the walls.  At the very last minute Luke gets a hold of CP3O who then implores R2D2 to shut down the systems. Somehow everything ends up okay.

My husband and I talked about downloading an audio book for the trip.  It’d be something we could listen to as a family on the way down.  Right away he suggested The Hobbit.  I said, “Hmm…but we’ve read that one before”.  I suggested something like Swiss Family Robinson or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, both of which I’ve never read, but the dusty antique hardcovers sit and wait on the bookshelf.   We agreed to keep thinking.

“How about The Hobbit?”, she said

when I later told my daughter about the audio book

I said, “Haven’t you guys read that one before?”

I have multiple memories, of multiple years, of my husband sitting there in the living room with the kids. They’re on the floor playing and he’s reading The Hobbit in the time before bed.   It’s one of those things they do while I’m busy, doing what, I don’t know.

“Yeah, but we’ve never finished it”, she answered.

“Well alrighty then”, I thought.

Maybe this was a sign, or maybe I was outnumbered.

We need to pack, and get haircuts

finish laundry, check cat food–

and so I’m crossing off “blogging”

with a half-awake smile adding

“Download The Hobbit”

to my invisible to-do list.

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