The kids and I cleaned up the school room yesterday. It needed to be done before we start school on Monday. I had mixed feelings about a school room this year. As incredible as it is to have a cozy, spacious place for school, the upkeep and management of the room eventually becomes one more room to accumulate a pile of work I can’t get to.

We pulled the schoolroom table out from the wall and toward the center of the room. I do love creating spaces, and couldn’t bring myself to scratch the schoolroom quite yet. Particularly with younger kids, the room brings a sense of vibrancy and fun.  We will see how this year goes, and will gradually migrate to the kitchen table soon enough.

From the start we used an old bookshelf tipped on its side to make lockers. It worked perfectly with five students and five spaces. This year, though, we only need four, and since we also have four desks, I decided it was time to drag the bookshelf outside. Along with that went the torn up Goodwill couch, which for $20, served us well for two years.

I’m not doing anything crazy with curriculum. My goal is to focus on reading this year. I ordered the boys reading materials from Christian Light Education and writing/penmanship from Memoria Press.  I like the old-school simplicity of Christian Light, and the classical touch of Memoria Press. They keep the basics very basic.









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