ready or not

“Afternoons are good art times”, I say to my daughter. She’s working behind me on a clay model tooth. Her science book gave her the choice of writing a report on the effects of tooth decay, or sculpting a model of a human tooth. She chose to sculpt the model. I’m certain I’d have chosen to write the report, but here we are, each one of us different.

It’s fun watching all the different differences take shape.


School is going great this year. Granted, it’s only been three days, but I’m loving it and feeling fully back in the groove. I’ve been through this enough times now to know we’re gong to have our days , but today I’m overwhelmed in a different kind of way. How can it be that life can hurt so bad, and others times feels so good that it hurts?


High school has seemed like a natural transition. This might sound strange to hear me say, but I’d forgotten how fun it was to have a child in school. I remember this same phenomenon occurring in the days when we started three-year old preschool. The start time and end time give structure to the day, and the responsibility of getting them there and picking them up provide a crystal clear role with added purpose and meaning.                                                                             

I had some startling, but clarifying moments last week. Where I’ve never before had a doubt in my mind that homeschooling was the current best choice for our family, I spent several days wrestling doubt and fear that I had, indeed, made a huge mistake in doing so. Had keeping them home only put us all behind? It was like Ethan going to school reawakened me to the reality that “Wait a minute, yes, you mean they really do leave.”


With that another school year comes.




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