finding my choice

The upstairs floor is done and I’m extremely happy with it. The floor man was able to put in while we were in Florida, which at first disappointed me, but in the end worked out. We came home to a beautiful upstairs floor that looks like it belongs.

The first full week of school went well for everybody. I feel like I’ve got some percolating thoughts when it comes to school, homeschooling, and the different philosophies. The words coming out haven’t felt completely right, but I know they’re also stepping stones to the settled place I’m hoping to get to. Even good changes can shake you up a little.

I’m really thankful for this blog. It gives me a consistent place to show up to.  Church is one thing. The grocery store is another.  But I like having something I can choose and make time for, that’s just a moment for yourself to know, “This is good, too.”

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