bits and pieces


The boys ran to Degoba early this morning. Degoba, pronounced DAY-go-bah, is the name they gave to the tree that stands near the northwest border. Over the past several years we’ve noticed a slow decay in the local ash tree population. That’s not why they ran there. I sent them out before school to burn off some energy, to breathe fresh air, and while they did that, I walked. We’re coming to the season of near-perfect weather, when the air is not humid, heavy, or hot. I absolutely love to get outside on these days.


Today in school we worked on fractions. Math is the subject I find hardest to teach. It’s not the math itself that is hard, but all the various places where people are at, and the ping-ponging my brain must do to accommodate. Math is one of those things that I do to conform. I get that it has practical value, and that mysteries of the universe reveal themselves in math, but the main reason we do it is because I feel like we need it in order to be normal. Between childhood and adulthood there are hurdles and hoops. Most of those require a form of more advanced math. Honestly, conforming isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s good to be held accountable and to learn to work within guidelines.


By far the best thing about homeschooling is the freedom, adventure, and increased quality family time. I sometimes forget that the main reason I’m doing this is so we can do other things in life besides school. There are museums to visit, great historical sites to walk through, capitol buildings to tour, the night stars to map and stare at, nine animals to care for, more books than we could ever read, and the entire world to love and know.

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