finding true north

The steel cut oatmeal was fixed by 6:30.  I’ve still been making breakfast every morning for my high-schooler, usually while he packs his lunch. He doesn’t eat oatmeal, so today I fried an egg, the only one left, and served it with a piece of buttered toast. It’s a way to be present in the start of his day, and I’m thankful for the brief but filling moments.

I let the others sleep a little longer this morning, and didn’t call them all to breakfast at once. One by one at a time, they appeared.  I sat at the table with my pencil and planner, inviting each one to dish up a bowl.  Yes to the blueberries, peaches, yogurt, and honey.

I love the fun that Friday brings. There’s this sense that something ought to be different, because it is. It’s the last day of the school week, a week of joyous learning, and Fridays are a day to relax into the morning, work on our math books, and follow the winds.

I’m not completely thrilled with the Astronomy book I bought for this year. It’s The Book of Astronomy by Memoria Press.  I support Memoria Press and don’t mean to speak poorly of any of their resources. I usually love all of their books. We just happen to be struggling with this one. There are lots of pictures of isolated constellations, but without much context or illustration to see how these constellations relate to one another. We’ve found Polaris, Casseopia, and the gorgeous big dipper, but will any of us actually be able to find The Summer Triangle? I have no idea, but at the very least, we’re going to try.

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