kings and paupers

I’ve started wearing jeans to church, and I feel like that’s helped. I’m that person who wouldn’t mind showing up to a church with a coffee shop and and people in jeans.  In other words, there isn’t the angst of putting on your Sunday best. My wardrobe isn’t that ample or varied, and to have different clothes for different days, particularly a day when you’re supposed to look cleaned up and nice, has always been a bit of a stretch for me.

I didn’t make it to the grocery store yesterday, so I went this afternoon. September 1st was the start of me seeing if I could keep our weekly grocery budget at $100 or less.  Last week I ended up with $10 and some change. Today at Aldi I spent just over $110. This does not include the $100 I spent on my husband’s birthday, which is the normal amount I tend to spend on birthdays, including gifts, dessert, and a meal. It also doesn’t include my recent purchase of laundry supplies. I figured I’d try for a month and see how it goes.

Last week my special splurge item was a lamb roast. Because Jesus is the Lamb of God,  eating lamb always feels special to me. They didn’t have any lamb at Aldi this week, so I went with BBQ pork ribs, which I’ll probably make in the crock-pot.  I also bought the 2lb family pack of salmon and a fresh chicken which I look forward to roasting then making broth with. We’ve also been enjoying an abundance of vegetables, including potatoes, cucumbers, and tomatoes, which have all been gifts from the gardens of others.

I recently read that men love meat and women love carbs. In my family I can say this is true. If my husband or boys are going to get majorly excited over a meal, it’s going to be over the meat dish. On the other hand, my daughter loves to bake, and I universally love the carbs. If I eat an avocado with eggs and salsa, it doesn’t feel like I’ve really eaten, but if I have toast with it, mentally and physiologically I feel steadier and calmer. A modest bowl of oatmeal can last me over half of the day, during that time I would not be hungry.

Food ties people together. We hear the term “comfort food” and typically associate it with some high-carb, discouraged substance.  Bread and butter. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Macaroni and cheese. Fresh Dutch apple pie. I have memories of loved ones and even, (can it be possible?), emotional connections with certain foods like french toast (Grandma) and pancakes (Mom).  How fitting that Christ the Lamb comes to us in bread and wine, a universal meal for men and women. Jesus said do this in remembrance of Him.

Food remains an area of mental struggle for me. All the food gurus tell you to drink more water and eat unprocessed whole foods, particularly foods with lots of fiber. True. But certain foods are going to be a part of me forever. Dad drank coffee and Mom made pancakes served with canned peaches.  Regardless of the current trends, I believe it is healthy to give thanks and partake, in remembrance of the dear ones who sustained you in this life, when you had nothing but two weak and swaddled legs to one day stand on.





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