on crooked lines

A man is out in local neighborhoods breaking into cars and homes. Early Friday morning he’d been across the street. Monday morning we discovered he’d been in our car overnight. He’s been caught on film by several security cameras, but the police so far have been unable to catch him.

Discomfort has definitely increased around here.  Last Thursday, some guy, a different guy, on a bike asked one of my boys for permission to go look around at the cabins. I was inside at first, then came out on my way to take the kids and some friends down to camp for a picnic. Then he asked ME if it was okay.

Yes. No? Actually no, it’s NOT okay if you take your shirtless self with your bike, disappear for twenty minutes, and snoop around on private property.  Are you here to check out possible cabins for future use and stay?  Then call first and stop by. My gut reaction is to say in a firm, irritated voice that hides my growl, “Excuse me, sir, but YOU need to check into the office.”  How to translate that into language and tone that doesn’t easily offend or brand me as a bitch for life? That remains beyond me.

Maybe because it’s asking me to be someone different than who I am?

It’s all at least leading to conversations and prayers. Action has been taken where possible and appropriate. After asking, the little boys slept in our room last night.  Another one measured then sawed two dowel rods for the window that doesn’t have a lock. We lock our car doors now. The main camp buildings have also been locked. To the best of my knowledge, the police are doing the best they can with what they have.

The greatest comfort, no matter the issues, always comes from God alone. On my own, inside me, there will always be fear. Discouragement, resentment, mistrust, and suspicion. Sorrow, grief, isolation, and wounds. It’s a load no human was ever meant to carry, and if it weren’t for us, even God himself would never had to have carried it.

There will be those times that challenge faith and ruffle feathers, but every day from God is good. We’re praying for this man that he wouldn’t get shot, that the police would find him, and that he wouldn’t do this to us or to our neighbors anymore.



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