on waxing poetic

Over the past several mornings I’ve quit making my bed. It’s a temporary way of rebelling against the laws of mess-gravity. Three years of doing this consistently, almost every single day in the morning before breakfast, and it has yet to become an effortless habit. Making my bed still feels like something I’m very much having to make myself do.

I’ve been thinking lately about “feel-good capital”. I’m probably misusing the term capital in some way, but it’s basically the idea of how much “feel-good” effect certain actions produce on a regular basis.  I’m obviously not taking about the hedonistic, self-seeking kind of “feel-good” pleasure, but the happy feelings that come with a sense of wholeness and well-being. It’s the experience of flow, of lasting reward, satisfaction, and joy.

I’m learning that in order for me to remain consistent in homeschooling, to keep me from drifting too far from my goals and desires, I need a good refresh about every month or so. I’m saving my fall decorations and pencils until we switch over to October and the fake fall days are past and the bright fall weather is hopefully here to stay for awhile.


We’re adding history into our days for a while.  A mom gave me a set of old timeline cards she wasn’t using anymore and for four years they’ve been part of my resource collection. I really wanted to jump into some American History, particularly the 1800’s. The kids felt strongly about learning more about Ancient Egypt and the pyramids. I don’t really believe in the way of “child-led learning”, but I do take their interests into account.

So far every year has been different. My favorite times are still those spontaneous moments of fun, life, and learning. Yesterday while I was out getting my steps in, the boys asked if they could cook some bread sticks and bring their flash cards outside.

Of course, boys.

Every day is one of picking and choosing. Some days I need to focus extra on school or spend a little more time with a child.  On others the laundry needs more attention. Some days I declutter and wipe down the bottom kitchen cabinets. I can’t get to everything that needs to be done around here, but every day we find time for what is needed that day.

Today, yesterday, and the morning before

I didn’t feel like making my bed

so I didn’t.

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