10,000 steps

The muffins got baked and the junk dresser got massively decluttered, redesigned, and then reorganized. The supper meal down at the camp got cooked, and while I did that, the boys even had an hour or so to play in the rain. We even saw a rainbow.

I took a break about half way through the junk dresser project to get outside and go for a walk. I’ve really been enjoying my outside walks lately, and I’m convinced it makes a huge difference in my peace, joy, and inner thankfulness levels. For that I am exceedingly thankful–praise God!  If I think about the cares of this world for too long, my soul becomes grey, and it starts to seem like even the little bits and pieces of joy here and there will never be enough to make up for the stresses, sorrows, and workloads of life.

Light and color bring balance to darkness, and I think there’s probably such thing as a life skill regarding how to survive in more socially isolated seasons of life.  Daily walks become prayer, creative acts join the leaves in songs of praise, and daily rhythms of work become your life-long friend. The sadness in your heart will come and go and you accept that while rejoicing in the love that greatly surrounds you.  You call a friend and call your grandma and accept the invitation to attend the fall pastor’s conference with your husband. Your reconnect with other wives and drink up presentations on households, hospitality, and the order of creation. “Friendship with God” becomes the gift you weren’t expecting and the school room tinkering station becomes ready to be rediscovered again.


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