enjoying the present


It was cold enough for the boys to make a fire downstairs. I had some phone calls to make and one last school required appointment to schedule.  The kids did school on their own yesterday morning, and today again they started without me.  It puts us out of routine, and I don’t like doing that, but it’s also nice they “know the drill” enough to get started. I caught up with everyone around 9AM and we marked down day 35 of school.


I love housework when it’s cold. I can’t pinpoint why some days the work at home can feel like such a pointless pursuit of nothing, and then other times it feels like a warm fuzzy blanket and the coziest gift that keeps unwrapping. Something about growing up in a house with lots of kids almost makes me crave and feel at home in the “crazy”.  It isn’t crazy though.  A cat here, a pile of socks there. These are the colors of people and life.


The past several days have felt pretty productive. It’s that nesting that comes any time there’s a change. Yesterday I stocked up on herbal teas and beef bones. Today the first batch of vegetable and bone broth simmers on the stove. In my never-ending quest in the movement toward order, I printed out piano practice sheets and a two week chore chart for each child. I even printed off and colored one for myself. I did it partly for fun, because it makes me laugh, and because I also do crave and want, too, an ordered life.


The boys had the same four items on their list:
1)Make bed
2)Straighten drawers
3)Tidy room
4)Brush teeth

Each one then had to choose a fifth item as a chore that would also bless the family.
–Straighten story corner
–Wipe counters in bathroom
–Lint roll furniture and straighten couch cushions


We’ve actually been working on the making the bed and bedroom things for a while, but I’m also trying to encourage ownership of self and spaces, where these little, positive things they do do not have to be regularly prompted by me.  I’m also trying to gradually increase the amount of areas in my home that give me that relaxed, happy, and satisfied “Ahhhhhhhh” feeling.  A decluttered kitchen cupboard. Snow pants hanging and ready to go. A linen closet filled with clean, soft, colored, and neatly folded sheets and towels.


The leaves are busy out there and the dryer just buzzed.


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