embracing my surroundings

It seems like everywhere I look the past several days I’m hit with that, “Wow, look at that!” and then, “Wow, look at that!” The Wednesday night church group we attend is currently offering a session on photography. Last week we learned about snapshots vs. photographs. The “Wow, look at that!” is the primary prompter of ordinary snapshots.

That and that feeling of, “I want to, I need to, of all things, remember this.”

Photographs are crafted and happen on purpose.  This week we’re talking about camera settings and light. I haven’t used my “real” camera in a while. I quit using it, yes, when I got my smartphone, and also when my computer quit reading my memory cards. I am hoping both to get a new computer soon, and also to learn how to further use my camera.

Daytime warmth comes briefly then goes. “Sweatshirt weather” passed quickly again this year and I’m already needing my regular winter jacket for walks. Autumn is definitely the season for layers–heavier socks, higher shoes, long pants, and warm gloves.

Pretty soon I’ll need a scarf.

A few more gals are coming over tomorrow morning. I talked before about that “needing more” feeling and feeling that pull to the outside world. Starting this school year, I knew “people” was something I was needing more of, and I know I’m not alone in this,

on taking things step by step in life

awaiting the snapshot of where He leads.

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