over the river

The weekend kept us busy with fall events. Saturday was our annual homecoming at camp. The turnout was pretty poor and I admit to feeling quietly disappointed about it. People say this is a busy time of year, but I’m starting to wonder if there’s ever a time of year that isn’t busy for people.  I’m grateful, however, for the ones who came. Camp has a solid group of supporters that will, rain or shine, show up for events. In this case rain.

Sunday was church and then later that evening we went back for their annual fall festival with a trunk or treat, bounce house, face painting, and pot luck. I spent the hours in-between there shopping for pot luck food, vacuuming out the van, reading, writing, and making a salad. The kids spent the rest of the time with Dad getting their costumes and make-up on. They get into the trunk or treat thing more than I do but we all had fun.

This morning we drove to a local historical site which counted as our main October field trip.  We walked through a town emulating the pre-Civil War 1800’s perspective. “Meat and potatoes” is a common Mid-western meal and it occurred to me that these were the foods that would’ve been easiest to store through the winter. First they slaughtered then smoked their pork, and also stored potatoes in their below ground root cellars.

It just seems like so much when I think about all we have today. The level of comforts and access to goods, and yet I feel there’s also so much waste in our lives. These people didn’t have garbage or garbage cans! They had fires that needed to burn year round, and the town had several places, almost like community waste systems, where the ashes from the fires were dumped and stored. They eventually used the ash to make soap.

I sometimes wonder why the heck I don’t know more by now. These people quilted, knitted, crocheted, made soap, cooked over fires, and drew water from wells. They dyed yarns, collected herbs, and knew exactly what to do to keep their toes from freezing. I know you never stop learning, but I hope there’s a time when knowledge blooms. It’s one thing to acquire knowledge in life, but I feel like the joy is when you get to start using it.




One thought on “over the river

  1. I 100% agree that there isn’t a time of year that isn’t busy for people. Perhaps January and February is quieter for many, but snow has a tendency to keep people at home.

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