phasing out gluten

Because of our busier weekend last week I didn’t do my Saturday morning shopping like I usually do. We had enough to get by until I could make a small mid-week shopping trip. My goal of sticking to a $100 per week grocery budget has been surprisingly doable over these past two months, especially with that extra $100 per month for overflow and special extras. I did not count the time when I went to the health food store and stocked up on bones and teas, and then went back to buy a gluten-free pancake mix.

This past October there were three women I talked to, one of them being my sister, who had either been gluten-free for a while or were in the process of eliminating gluten products from their diet. I don’t talk about it much here at all, but I consider myself pretty well-read regarding food and the rationales for the various diets out there. Because I have a history of an eating disorder, and because my mind is one that can easily take good things and turn them into obsessions, I try not to obsess about diet.

What I’ve noticed, however, is that certain foods make me feel better and other foods have started to make me feel worse. My husband has always been a gracious, non-picky eater. My children thus far have never had food allergy issues, so I could get away with keeping the classic boxes of cereal and macaroni and cheese on hand for those times I just needed something easy for them. In other words, I’ve never really had to make changes for their sake, but I think I’m actually needing to make some changes for my sake.

The wheat products hurt my stomach. After talks with these women inspired me to give it a try, I eliminated processed wheat from my diet for three days and I could definitely tell a difference.  My stomach felt light, calm, clear, and pain-free.  After the three days I ended up eating a piece of cinnamon toast and have been off and on here and there with the wheat again. I want to try this for an entire week and see what happens. This morning I went grocery shopping and other than the vanilla wafers for my six year old, I made sure not to buy any wheat. If the cinnamon toast is in the house, even if I say, “Well this will be fine to get for the kids only”, I will end up eating a piece for breakfast by Tuesday.

My grocery store bill was over $160 today, but that was with me buying a few more pantry products to have on hand for new recipes. I got out my paleo slow-cooker cookbook this morning and used that to write up a loose menu-plan for the week. I’ve never really been a big meat lover in life, but in the fall and winter I do seem to crave the roasts and stews. As my teenage son continues to grow, I’ve been alternating foods like eggs, liver, salmon, and apples for him in the mornings. The other boys aren’t far behind.

I’ve spent about 5 1/2 hours on food/kitchen work today so far, not including the hour or so I just spent writing about it. Here’s what on the menu for supper this week:

Saturday-Curried Chicken Wings
Sunday-fend for yourself
Monday-Caveman drumsticks
Tuesday-Yam, Leek, and Sausage soup
Wednesday-Cauliflower Chicken Curry
Thursday-Armenian Lamb & Apricot Stew
*I couldn’t find lamb so I substituted beef
*I couldn’t think that far ahead





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